We’ll miss Ali!

May 10th, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear Groove Community,

First of all, the cliff notes: Despite the fact that I dearly love everything about Groove, I am leaving to travel the world in pursuit of a lifelong dream! And now my saga…

It is hard for me to believe that this past Sunday I taught my last class (for now!) at Groove. I remember walking through the doors, before Groove was “Groove,” before it had its beautiful bamboo floors and its bright welcoming orange walls, excitingly talking to Kevin about the approaching grand opening, eager to see who would soon fill its space. Groove and I have about the same lifetime as yogis. The halfway constructed state of the studio poetically represented myself as a yoga teacher; just as it was being built I was completing my own teacher training.

A few months after I finished my training, Jenn called with the offer to teach at Groove. I have a distinct memory of literally jumping up and down on my bed, I was so excited and honored to have them take such a chance on me.

My time at Groove has really been an amazing experience.

Thank you for your smiles, as we sat in chair pose with the heat cranked up past 90 degrees, and the sweat droplets turned into pools on the  floor… and then we started abs. Thank you for your vulnerability, showing up and taking child’s pose and actually trying out the audible exhales (“why does she keep making us breathe so loudly?”) Thank you for your patience, giving me to the time to find out how to demo and teach and still be honest and present as we worked through movement and breath. Thank you for your encouragement, whenever I messed up my left and right, or forgot to take you through the second side entirely (yikes) greeting me with friendly reminders and somehow still trusting attitudes. Thank you for your feedback, to speak louder, use the music, allow time for stillness.

I have had seriously so much fun teaching you guys. I love standing at the front of the class laughing with you all, getting you to stretch just a little bit further into tree, the best times are when you guys start laughing and exploring and your true selves come out right there in the middle of class.

As a new yoga teacher, it was intimidating to stand before groups of awesome yogis, at first I was surprised when you actually did what I said (haha not what you want to hear from a teacher?) but your confidence gave me confidence, and now I feel like I have gone from seriously scared graduate of training, to a more confident version of myself, a teacher that truly LOVES her job.

I am giving up all of my yoga classes to continue chasing a dream of mine, one that introduced me to yoga in the first place. In a few weeks I will be heading off to Germany, to compete in a series of prestigious vaulting competitions. (vaulting= yoga/gymnastics/ trick riding on cantering horses). After that, I will be traveling around the world teaching vaulting, which will include teaching yoga to athletes of all ages and levels. In the Fall, I plan to move to Germany, to train for a year in hopes of competing at the World Equestrian Games (to be held in Normandy, France the summer of 2014).

If any of you wish to follow my travels, I will forward the link to a website I am putting together.

I am looking forward to coming back, but until I do, I will send love back to Groove from all around the world!



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