Class Descriptions

While our classes are physically and mentally challenging, they are designed to be accessible to all students. Our Power Yoga and Vinyasa Flow classes are designed to be a series of flowing postures in combinations that to systematically work through the entire body, linked together by breath. On inhales, the body will typically be opening and expanding, on exhales, you will be lengthening and folding. However, each teacher will have a different sequence, style and intensity.

Within that construct, variations like heat, music, meditation, chanting and pose selection are left entirely to our team of experienced teachers.

Groove Yoga Offers

Power Yoga

Our Power Yoga class will give both beginner and experienced students an intense, sweaty yet nurturing practice. Instructors will provide modifications for various levels while using creative sequencing for each class. Classes will generally begin with sun salutations and move into flowing standing and twisting sequences. Classes will generally include backbends, some arm balances and/or inversions and conclude with a relaxing Savasana.

Hot Power Yoga

Our Power Yoga class taught in a heated room 95-100 degrees.

Vinyasa Flow

For one and all. This encouraging class will give both beginner and experienced students a flow based practice with unique sequencing. Poses may be held for longer periods to challenge the student’s mind and body. Classes may include a focus on a particular pose and will conclude with a deep Savasana.

Hot Vinyasa Flow

Our Vinyasa Flow class taught in a heated room from 95-100 degrees.

Power Yoga Essentials Workshop

This class is quarterly and will break down some traditional power yoga sequences while focusing on alignment and breath-work. Our Power Yoga Essentials workshop is for new and experienced students who want to focus on the details of specific poses.

New students can purchase the workshop and receive their first 30 days of unlimited yoga for free!

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