Front Desk Team

Meet our front desk team! Our front desk team is here to warmly welcome you to the studio and answer any questions you may have. Since you see them as frequently as you see our teachers, we thought you might want to get to know a little about them.

Lauren Bedal
Lauren Bedal is a recent college graduate from The Ohio State University. After studying contemporary dance and design, she has recently relocated to the Bay Area to work for Rapt Productions, a video production company specializing in the performing arts. Connecting with Groove has been a wonderful experience; she is grateful to be surrounded by such passionate teachers and supportive community. She is continuing her dance career in both Berkeley and SF, and is excited to continue her yoga practice at Groove.

Erica Brennwald
Originally from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Erica will be starting her third year at Berkeley and first year in the undergraduate business school in fall 2014. Erica was introduced to yoga during her freshman year by many of the friends she has made at school and immediately fell in love. She’s been a distance runner for years and yoga has repaired the damage that running does to your body over time. Yoga has also been amazing outlet for school related stress and has improved her life in so many ways!

Aja Curry
Aja began exploring yoga back in 2010 in search of stillness and peace. Since then, she has found that yoga is a true blessing and a beautiful part of her being. In her fast paced life that demands constant attention of what she must do and where she should be, yoga begs her to let go of all expectation and sense of urgency. Instead of anxiously worrying over what could have been or what might be, yoga connects her to the present and the Earth through powerful and intentional breathing. In that moment, she is exactly where and who she is supposed to be. Working at Groove Yoga has allowed Aja to share her passion with other enthusiastic souls and given her endless motivation to continue her dedication to the practice.

May Daniels
mayMay’s interest in yoga was peaked in high school when she realized she was butt-less. It wasn’t until she moved to the bay two years ago that her practice deepened. Through yoga she has learned how ego controls many of our choices, the importance of self-love and how to keep a calm mind in challenging situations not only on the mat but in life. Forever grateful for this practice and forever learning.

Annie Donahoe
Annie is a Norcal native, but came to Berkeley after being accepted to UC Berkeley for Integrative Biology and French. She’s been practicing yoga for 10 years, as a way to stay balanced and injury-free- especially after running state-qualifying cross country and track in high school. After trying many studios in Berkeley, she returned to Groove for (her favorite) hot Vinyasa. Annie also enjoys weekends in San Francisco for live music, new restaurants and art events.

Laurie Hall
LaurieIn 2009, engulfed by very chilly mid-western winter, Laurie found refuge at a hot yoga studio and has been practicing yoga ever since.  As a runner, hiker, and climber, she appreciates the physical benefits of her practice, including increased flexibility and injury prevention.  In addition to its physical benefits, Laurie enjoys the meditative quality of yoga and believes it has helped her achieve wellness, or, at the very least, a sliver of sanity amidst the chaos of attending graduate school.

Irene Hsaio
Irene is a writer and dancer. She currently appears with Kinetech Arts and Alma Esperanza Cunningham Movement and often writes for SF Weekly. Her book, Letter from Taipei, was published in January 2014.



Tiffani Jackson
Growing up in the East Bay, the physical activities that I decided to partake in were numerous and ever-changing. The reason for this being simple: I could never find something that I liked long enough to pursue it fully. Enter Groove Yoga. Although I’m still pretty new to the yoga community, what yoga has done more for me in the past few months; physically, mentally, and emotionally, has made me grateful for this studio, this community, and its teachers.

Jey Juhe Kim
I am majoring in Psychology at UC Berkeley. I love nature and any outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and going to the beach. My ultimate goal is to travel every continents before I die. I practiced yoga on and off while living in Seattle few years back and recently came back to practice daily to recover after a major back injury. Not only yoga has helped me physically, it became a huge part of me because it taught me patience and self-control.

Cordelia Kile
My name is Cordelia Kile and I’m 19. I’m studying Chemical Biology. I love riding horses and motorcycles. I also love reading. I’ve recently moved to The Bay Area from Belize. I love yoga so much and I’ve been practicing on and off for two years now. Yoga is an essential part of my life now thanks to Groove. I have so much to be thankful for. Peace. Love.

Ailin Li

Ailin picAilin moved to Berkeley to attend Cal (Go Bears!) and has been in love with the Bay Area ever since. Groove Yoga has been her first serious foray into yoga, which initially served as a way to supplement my marathon training. Little did she know, she became hooked in no time, and found herself constantly looking forward to it to start or end her day. When not at Groove, she is likely out running, eating, traveling, and eating some more.

Chloe Lowder
chloeChloe recently graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a sociology degree and discovered yoga on a three month excursion to Guatemala at a small community oriented yoga co-op. She’s an energetic activist who loves to learn, play and work but is becoming increasingly more aware of how important it is to be reflective and still in the mind and body. She currently works at a non profit advocating for people with developmental disabilities and uses yoga as a way to unwind and look inward after a hard days work.

Clara Yoon
I began practicing yoga 2 years ago as a way to clear my mind. I tried out many studios and finally came to a class at Groove and decided this is where I wanted to deepen my practice. Since then I cannot say enough about how much this studio and it’s teachers have given me. Yoga has become my religion, my gratitude, my awareness. I hope that everyone can reach or experience this please of love and breath that we all have within us.


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