Front Desk Team

Meet our front desk team! Our front desk team is here to warmly welcome you to the studio and answer any questions you may have. Since you see them as frequently as you see our teachers, we thought you might want to get to know a little about them.

Tiffany McKinley
I grew up in San Diego and have moved all over the place because I am also a Navy Veteran.  I got interested in yoga because I grew bored of running many years ago but wanted to continue an exercise that would challenge me. Yoga has certainly been that challenge as all of my running and Navy boot camp days have left my body very tight and inflexible, especially in the hips and quads! A unique fact about me is that I was certified to SCUBA dive when I was only 14 years old.

Clara Yoon
I began practicing yoga 2 years ago as a way to clear my mind. I tried out many studios and finally came to a class at Groove and decided this is where I wanted to deepen my practice. Since then I cannot say enough about how much this studio and it’s teachers have given me. Yoga has become my religion, my gratitude, my awareness. I hope that everyone can reach or experience this please of love and breath that we all have within us.

Lindsay Zwicker
Born and raised in the Bay Area, Lindsay began practicing yoga in 2006 when a new studio opened down the street from her San Francisco apartment and she convinced her roommates to try it with her. She loved the combination of music, mindfulness and exercise, and has been practicing yoga (off and on) ever since. Lindsay recently moved to the East Bay and is enjoying exploring all the area has to offer. Using her background in yoga, mindfulness and nutrition as well as psychology, Lindsay has a holistic psychotherapy practice in Berkeley.

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