The Studio

Groove Yoga was created with a simple purpose: to give you a place to practice an athletic, flowing style of yoga throughout the day, every day, with some of the Bay Area’s finest and most experienced teachers.

The studio didn’t begin with a real estate search, or with detailed ROI models. It was born from conversations with our favorite teachers and a few of our long-time students. We told them of our desire to create a full-time power yoga studio in Berkeley, a place that could serve as a home studio for them, and where this community could build and play off of each other. We asked them if they wanted to be a part of it, and every single one of them enthusiastically said yes. Their reaction told us everything we needed to know.

“Community” has become a misused and overused term. We built Groove Yoga to create a community in its truest sense. We hope Groove will feel supportive and provide a place to push against your boundaries. A place to experiment with the way your mind reacts to challenge, success and failure.

Groove Yoga is yoga made personal. Each class is an expression of the individual teacher and the people in the room, guided by tradition but in no way bound by it. We’re trying to create something that we all want to belong to and to feel part of. We hope you will feel the same way — like you’re part of something magical, meaningful, and transformative.

It’s a lot more than just the best workout you’ve ever had!

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We want you to feel like Groove is your home base for yoga in the Bay Area. Come to a class, take a podcast with you, or see what's happening in our community

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