Our Philosophy

Because we started with our favorite teachers, and teachers who have been at this for awhile, we can be pretty simple with our ground rules. They are:

  1. All of our classes are power yoga, flow-based classes, meaning that we move from pose to pose in a rhythm, linking movement with breath. Within those boundaries, we want our teachers to express themselves in whatever way feels true to them. Some of our classes will be heated. Some will have music. Some will have chanting. Some will have meditation. Others will not.
  2. The overwhelming majority of our classes will be appropriate for everyone. If you’re a serious athlete who has been practicing yoga for twenty years, you will still find challenge and growth. If you’ve never set foot in a yoga studio, you will find a welcoming environment and be able to play in the practice. We will have a fundamentals class to help beginners understand what’s going on and for experienced yogis to take their practice to the next level of precision. We may mix in an advanced class to invite our long-time practitioners to really go deep with much less explanation and support. If you have questions about the schedule, our front desk staff is always happy to provide recommendations.
  3. Your body is the ultimate decision maker. James Audubon is quoted as saying “When the bird and the book disagree, I always trust the bird.” Similarly, when your body and the yoga instruction disagree, trust your body. We will. Always. You will not be “put” into a pose. If you want to try something that’s at the edge of your range, we will support you, but we will never force you.

That’s it. Within that framework, our teachers will vary based on what they know, what works for them, and what has worked for their students over the years. Come, explore and play!

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