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Many of our teachers offer workshops and retreats locally and around the world. For information, click on the links below or email

Mark your calendars for the following workshops and retreats. Sign up for any of our workshops and retreats; or of course you can register in person at Groove too!

Saturday, April 19th – 1:30-4:00 pm
Balanced: Leaning In and Lifting Off

Workshop with Gretchen Mehlhoff
Cost: $35.00 / Day Of: $45.oo

Shift into a state of wonder and exploration.  This workshop is for everyone and anyone inspired by or curious about arm balancing and handstands.  You do not have to be “good” at arm balances!

You will learn how to work with your flexibility, momentum and the power of contraction and expansion to help you leverage you strength, learning how to eventually use as little strength as necessary.  The workshop is designed to develop you skills and ability to practice with arm balances and handstands, to help you make progress in the direction you are inspired to move towards in your physical yoga practice… recognizing that the practice IS the mastery.  This is about loving the process and the practice, the nuance, the subtlety, and the grace as well as the enthusiasm, the challenge and the effort.

We begin by feeling the weight of our hands pressing into and against the ground and feeling the lift… The weight of one body part pressing into another and feeling the lightness… feeling the truth of tensegrity (tensional integrity)… the right amount of tension creates lightness….  Learning to apply the right amount of force to the right place at the right time…  And, then you take off!

Leave any limiting beliefs at the door.

Saturday, May 3rd – 2:00-4:00 pm
Essentials of Power Yoga

Workshop with Elissa Buchman
Cost: $25.00 / New Students Only: $40 and receive your first 30 days unlimited yoga for free!

introAre you new to Power Yoga? Do you ever feel a little lost in class? Want to learn the basics of Power Yoga?

In this workshop we will break down the different poses that make up a Power Yoga class, focusing on alignment and breath.   This workshop is perfect if you are trying Power Yoga for the first time, or if you simply want more detailed instructions on the different poses.  Our instructor will guide you through the fundamental flow, helping you to better understand the different basic poses, and showing you how you can safely work at your own level, no matter what class you are in.

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