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Groove Yoga

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"There are many doors to the sacred,

and they are as wide as we need them to be."

Sherry Ruth Anderson & Patricia Hopkins

The Groove Yoga Community

On this site you’ll find a library of audio classes, articles on yoga and meditation, some memories from our studios and retreats, and excerpts from teacher training materials.

Groove Yoga was a yoga studio located at Oxford and Kittredge Streets in Berkeley, California, across the street from UC Berkeley.

ManyDoors Yoga offers classes and teacher training throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and retreats around the world.


This site is now home to both of them, offering audio classes, trainings, reflections, and ways for our extended yoga community to stay in touch.

If you’re a student or studio owner interested in classes, retreats or trainings, please contact us below.


Classes & Workshops



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Teacher Training

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